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   Alexander Pushkin

If variety be the spice of life, we have a platterful laid out for you from the exotic to the domestic, to suit both your palate and pocket

Darjeeling Teas
CTC Teas
Runglee Rungliot
Double Diamond
No. 1



100% Darjeeling Tea. We know it because we grow it.Runglee Rungliot

What You See Is What You Get…….

A premium Darjeeling tea, Runglee Rungliot is one of the oldest brands of Duncans, named exclusively after the garden it is grown in. It has been around since inception of the company, and promises pure delight in every sip. Legend has it that years ago, in search of the finest tea, a Buddhist monk stepped into our garden. Inhaling the aroma, and observing the light colour, he exclaimed ‘Runglee Rungliot’, which meant, ‘this far and no further’. Thus was born a garden and a tea. 

Packaged in shades of cool green, with the Himalayan peaks as the backdrop, this brand is famed for its light liquor and lingering aroma. A connoisseur’s cup, it remains true to the age-old ritual of brewing the fragrant leaves in a traditional teapot.

Available earlier only in a 250gm caddy, Runglee was re-launched in Calcutta in January ’98 with an eye-catching 250 gm and 100gm carton. The launch was marked by what has now become the prestigious annual golf festival in Calcutta, the Runglee Rungliot Golf Championship.

Dissemination and Growth
100% Darjeeling enjoys a pride of place in the markets of Calcutta, Delhi and Chennai with its band-wagon of brand loyalists, and is currently spreading its base all over the country.


Zara Si Chai Asar Dikhaye

What You See Is What You Get…….

A premium CTC leaf brand, Double Diamond represents strength – that of character, achievement and elegance. Just a spoonful of this tea brews a rejuvenating cup, where strong flavour and aroma co-exist in fine balance.

Packaged in the Duncans home colours and iconised diamonds, this flagship brand is the chosen cup of the educated, young and forward-looking couples of today, who believe in the ‘right quality at the right price’.

A trendsetter in the jar segment, Double Diamond maintains an attractive inventory of jars, from the 250gm ‘Keep Fresh’ to the 500 gm ‘Vacuum Jars’.Cartons come in 500gm, 250 gm, 100 gm and 50 gm pack sizes. The brand is also conveniently available in soft packs and paise packs.

Dissemination and Growth

While it has a national presence, its strongholds are Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and North Indian states. As a ‘city tea’, the focus has been kept on metros and mini metros of the country. 

With its wide distribution base and ambitious growth and expansion plans, this "little" packet of energy is all set to evolve from just a strong cuppa to an indispensable spoonful that adds perceptible colour, flavour and romance to the diurnal routine. Zara Si Chai Asar Dikhaye.


Rang, Swad, Aur Aap Ka HathSargam

Banaye Ek Surili Sargam

What You See Is What You Get…….

Sargam was born out of the poly revolution of the mid-eighties in the tea industry, and is now the biggest brand in Duncans’ portfolio in terms of sheer volume. This luxuriant, full-flavoured brand promises a true blend of ‘real colour’ and ‘real taste’, seasoned with the magic touch of the housewife’s hand. Packaged in majestic green, it is available in 250 gm to 1 kg jars, and 25 gm to 500 gm paise packs.

Dissemination and Growth

Sargam has widespread distribution throughout the country. The leaf variant is popular Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat, while dust tea has found its niche in Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Sargam is all set to metamorphose into a top-of-the-mind brand with its new advertising campaigns, the introduction of a new Assam blend, distribution and expansion plans, and packaging innovations.


Shakti Chai Zabardast

What You See Is What You Get…….

Introduced in 1983 as a dust tea and later as its leaf variant in 1995, Shakti, as the name gives away, represents strength and vigour. Especially processed for boiling, this tea brews bold, full-bodied liquor, and is the national brand in the fighter category, aimed at the economy segment. Packaged in vibrant red and yellow with a lightening in every cup, this ‘zabardast’ brand suggests machismo, virility, courage and strength.

Shakti CTC leaf is available in 1 kg to 50 gm poly packs, while CTC dust sells in 100 gm to 25 gm soft packs and 1 kg to 25 gm poly packs.

Dissemination and Growth

While Shakti Dust dominates the markets of Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and South India, the brand over-all is popular in Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat.

Azharuddin is the endorser of the brand, bringing with him the larger-than-life aura of a superhero. The cricket association is unmistakable, with high visibility of Shakti in international cricket events.

NO 1
No. 1

Champion Of Strong Teas
What You See Is What You Get…….

It was launched in 1981 as a dust brand in the popular category, and this ‘Champion of Strong Teas’ gives strong colour, strong flavour and strong taste. The uncluttered look of the packs, with No.1 inscribed in bold, goes well with the no-nonsense, straightforward image of this brand.

Distributed in poly, carton and jar variants, the 500 gm, 250 gm and 100 gm cartons are popular in the domestic segments. The cartons come with a metallised foil lining to retain the freshness and strength of tea. The ‘hot tea shops’ prefer the 2 kg and 1 kg poly packs while the soft packs and paise packs have captured the lower end of the market.

Dissemination and Growth

This thick, almost coffee-like tea has a very strong presence in South India, especially in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. 

No.1 is actively promoted through powerful consumer offers and varied activities, and is now one of the fastest growing dust tea brands.

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